Best Work Boot Socks in New Zealand –  Complete 2021 Guide

Best Work Boot Socks in New Zealand – Complete 2021 Guide

The best work socks in New Zealand

are designed to keep your feet healthy and you don't have to pull up the socks every couple of hours.

People often spend plenty of time looking for the perfect work boots.  But few take the time to find the perfect work sock. That’s too bad because, pairing the wrong socks with your new work boots might increase your risk of blisters, foot fungus, odour, discomfort and toenail problems. Maybe you've already experienced problems?

Best Work Socks in New Zealand

Benefits of high-quality work boot socks

Work socks come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. It can be overwhelming trying to decide the best work socks to choose from. This is why we have done the hard work for you through this work sock review.

We have selected the best work socks based on many important factors like breathability, comfort, smell, fitness, and materials. With this in mind, we are confident that we have good work socks that will fit your needs.


    If you have worn a pair of socks in your whole life, you know socks were made exactly for this purpose. Socks make us comfortable while we work, which in turn make us more productive, alert and responsive.  A discomfited worker, after all, is rarely a productive one.


    Aside from giving us comfort, socks also create an extra layer of protection from accidents and harmful elements in the surroundings. If you work in a construction project or a factory, then wearing the proper gear will keep you safe as well as comfortable


    Men are known to experience more profuse sweating than women. This is especially true for those who have to keep their feet in work boots all day. When the moisture is not controlled, sweat can lead to odour build-up, which is difficult to get rid of when you have a hectic day to finish. Many socks help to soak up sweat and dry it quickly to keep your feet dry and clean.



Shoes were designed to protect the feet from harsh environments and terrain, but not to keep the feet comfortable while it is safe and secure. We rely on socks, these pathetically taken for granted pair of essentials, for that extra layer of comfort that helps us stay functional during the workday. Most socks are mechanically woven from soft fabrics with varying thickness, providing different levels of comfort.

Socks that have additional paddings for the heels and balls are more pleasant to wear in general. Without padded socks, a job that requires a substantial amount of leg movement could be pretty arduous, especially when you are wearing tough steel toe boots and have to stay under the heat of the sun. Make sure though that the extra paddings do not make the shoes feel too tight when you wear them over the padded socks.

Other socks are designed to provide better arch support. These often come with tighter and denser weaves in the arch to enhance its support. This simple feature can help avoid arch pairs or even severe heel pains caused by plantar fasciitis. Work boots mostly have reliable arch support integrated into their design, but socks with arch support provide additional comfort to your feet on taxing days.



Men's Steel cap Cotton Work Socks

The socks are made of soft cotton, half-terry meaning they are super comfortable in steel cap boots, as they give more space to your feet.

Men's Best Work Socks 

With reinforced heel and toe with soft cotton, these socks are made to last. Extra comfy and durable.

Men's Reinforced Cushion Crew Thick Work Socks

A little loose-fitting, these work socks come with reinforced heel and toe. Comfy and durable, your feet will be so thankful.

CAT Gumboot Coolmax Socks Black

Gumboot Coolmax socks are thick and super comfy especially made for the hard-working Kiwi's


    CAT Gumboot Wool Socks Black

    Gumboot Wool socks, sometimes called Thermo Socks are soft and comfy. With the perfect composition, these gumboot wool work socks will last.

    Best Work Socks Reviews

    We've been selling socks in New Zealand and Australia for some years.

    We are in business because of happy customers that recommend our work socks to their friends and work mates.

    We are always learning how to improve and make the best work socks in New Zealand.

    But don't take our word for it. See what our customers are saying.

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